INDUSTRIAL PAINTS solutions specific to the industrial segment.

We offer solutions specific to the industrial segment such as paints, protection systems for machines, flooring systems, corrosion protection systems in normal and aggressive environments, roofing systems, wood protection systems, etc.

Painting systems for various types of support:

  • non-ferrous surfaces,
  • galvanized,
  • metal,
  • concrete.

Anticorrosive primers:

  • 1k monocomponent - alkyd, synthetic, nitrocellulose
  • 2k two-component - epoxy, acrylic.

Primers for galvanized surfaces:

  • monocomponent,
  • bicomponent.

Alkyd non-component paints:

  • fast drying,
  • nitrocellulose,
  • synthetic,
  • chlorinated rubber.

Two-component paints:

  • Epoxy,
  • acrylic,
  • polyurethane.

Degree of gloss:

  • mate,
  • semi-glossy,
  • glossy.

Epoxy paints and floors based on water and solvent.

Solvent and water based paints.